Facebook Spam Facebook Spam. If you have been in the network marketing profession for any length of time chances are you have been hit with a Facebook spam message from some newbie networker who somehow believes that success in network marketing revolves around treating his friends list like free mlm leads!

Now here's the thing, 9 times out of 10 when most networkers are hit by the Facebook Spam Ninjas (as I like to call them) for whatever reason they get super mad about this instead of understanding that it is actually an opportunity to create leverage in their network marketing business.

Think about it for a minute: Are these facebook spammers necessarily bad people just because they don't know how to build their mlm business online?

Facebook Spam & MLM Lead Generation

What I personally with Facebook Spam is a little different because I see it as a way to connect and mentor. In this video training I am going to give you the process by which I use to turn Facebook spam into a source of free mlm leads:

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I hope I have been able to enlighten you to the point that you you see these mlm facebook spam ninjas not as bad guys but just as folks who have enough hustle to take action and that are potentially really fantastic network marketing leads for your business opportunity.

John Blaze Chatman

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