network marketing tipsIn this Network Marketing Tips blog post I am going to teach you a very simple way to save yourself hours of time per day while at the same time increasing your exposure to the most targeted Facebook audience for only $10 per month.

So here's the deal; everyone needs eyeballs on their content right? Their blog posts, their videos, their links to capture pages, and their offers.

Without eyeballs on our content our business stagnates (drags) and no money is made because quite frankly no one is aware of what it is that we are bringing to market.

With a targeted audience that's aware of what we're bringing to the table we have the opportunity to develop a real business asset in our internet marketing list by making an attractive offer to the prospect in exchange for their email.

One of the easiest and most cost effective ways to do this is simple Facebook Syndication Marketing.

In the video below I'm going to walk you through the use of the Ninja Blaster software. It's one of my favorite ways of leveraging my time and getting quality content to the folks who are most like to appreciate and act on it.

Here's your Network Marketing Tips video:

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As you can see Facebook Syndication can be a very powerful way to leverage your time and bring quality content to your targeted market.

Keep in mind that if you actually implement what I have shown you in this network marketing tips blog post in the big picture an extra 5-10 leads per day generated using this method can really impact your bottom line if you have a proper sales and conversion process set up.

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