The Law of SuccessDo you ever wish that there was a Law of Success that if followed would produce the lifestyle of your dreams? What if I told you that not only was there a specific set of 16 Laws already identified but that they had been formulated by one of the greatest writers of personal development and success literature of all time.

The Origins of the Law of Success

The Law of Success was originally commissioned by none other than Andrew Carnegie who at the time was the wealthiest man on the planet whose fortune would be an estimated $310 Billion in today's dollars.

He wanted Napoleon to uncover and share the most basic and fundamental of principles that people could use in their life to create massive financial prosperity and truly enjoy a next level lifestyle by empowering them to happier and more self fulfilled lives.

The work was based upon 20 years of interviews and research where Napoleon Hill had connected with America's top millionaires on an in-depth basis to understand what was it that had created so much success and prosperity in their lives.

The Law of Success was originally published as a multi-volume correspondence course that people sent for in the mail and was delivered sequentially over a period of time thereby giving them the opportunity to learn and implement the law of success into their own lives.

Subsequent editions actually gathered up the different volumes into one hardcover book so that anyone who was so inclined could take advantage of the full text of the document at one sitting.

The Law of Success Today

In today's multi-media world you actually have the opportunity to pick up the unabridged audio set so that you can download the law of success to your mp3 player (or phone) for playback while you're in the car or at the gym.


Whichever way you choose to learn the 16 Laws of Success I definitely urge you to review and implement them into your life today.

There's lots of self help and personal development material out in the marketplace with some of it being fantastic material and some of it not worth the paper it was written on but one thing is for sure… the Law of Success has withstood the test of time and is one of the most impacting works that has ever been developed to supercharge your ability to succeed.

To your massive success,

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