Network Marketing TrainingWhen it comes to real world Network Marketing Training that actually works who can you trust? That might be a question that you’re asking yourself if getting to the next stage of the game is a priority for you.

The fact of the matter is that there’s a lot of folks out there who couldn’t recruit their way out of a wet paper bag developing courses on how to generate 20 leads a day when in fact they truly don’t know the first thing about mastering the art and science of network marketing.

Having been in the online network marketing space since 2009 I’ve seen my share of scheisters and real leaders so let me give you the benefit of my experience with these 4 real world mlm success tips that can truly make a significant impact on your ability to create real leverage in your business.

Network Marketing System Tip #1

If you’re ever going to experience any real freedom in your business you have to develop a systematic approach to not only acquiring best in class training for yourself but also making sure you are getting paid from everyone you come into contact with whether they join your biz or not.

The bottom line is that the overwhelming majority of people that are going to come through your sales funnel (you do have one right?) aren’t going to join your team right away so you need to have a network marketing system in place to monetize that relationship and inject your business with cash flow.

Network Marketing Training Tip #2

The proof is in the pudding. Nothing speaks to the authenticity of the training like the results that are being generated by the current students of the system or trainer.

Let’s face it, if you say that you can teach someone how to generate more social engagement on their Facebook posts than you should have no problem in putting up some testimonials from past students who are doing just that right?

Network Marketing Leads Tip #3 mlm lead generation

Leads are the name of the game. The lifeblood of any successful mlm business revolves around the number of times per day a prospect sees and takes action on your offer. Now this offer can be a free training, a pdf that gives valuable information, a product or service, or simply an offer of friendship that you might be extending.

The bottom line is that when it comes to mlm lead generation the more of it you have the better off your business is going to be.

Network Marketing Secret #4

Your product is you, not your company. Chances are you’ve probably joined more than one mlm business opportunity in the past right? It’s been my personal experience that most folks have joined 3-5 of them without any real success.

The real downside of that whole hamster wheel deal is that instead of focusing your energy into developing your most valuable asset in business (you), you end up promoting a bunch of companies that may or may not last and back at square should you ever need to make a move.

What’s the solution? Learn the skills, strategies, and methodologies to make you the leader others search to learn from and be mentored by.

Follow these 4 tips and take massive action to create freedom within the networking business model.

If you have a great tip feel free to share it down below too!

John Blaze Chatman

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